Esta historia comienza en la habitación de una residencia universitaria. Un mes después de conocernos, Bruno y Alex, decidimos lanzarnos al vacío. El de Bali, yo de Burgos, más al norte. Ambos, hartos de vivir en la sala de espera. Así nació: NUDE PROJECT.

For us, it was all about the hip-hop scene, the rawness of skateboarding and the artist’s creativity which motivated us to imprint a way of living shared through the internet.


"Before watching that movie for the second time, go direct your own"

Our garments aim to inspire the new generation to pursue their passion, whether or not it is the traditional path, by empowering artists to create without fear of judgement.

We strive for designs that embrace a modern attitude for a creative life, seamlessly blending comfort, minimalism and elegance in every cut.